Over time favourites come and go, so it will be interesting to see how long this lasts. Remembering Viscount Locke is a large format A1 painting.


Over the last few months I have been busy on the art front so please kee an eye on the digital art section as there will be a lot of new paintings over the next few days...


The art bug bites again!!

Its been ages since I have had any inspiration to start drawing again, however along came the ipad pro and the apple pencil and if you combine this with the Concvepts app you get a relatively quick and easy way to create vector drawings. Whereas vector drawings used to take me weeks/months the new technology means I can create detailed paintings in days or hours.


Here are my first four attempts, if the bug stays with me a while then I'll post more as I go....


The Hacker published by Smashwords

The Hacker column has now been published in a free compilation ebook by Smashwords. The fifteen columns are published in their full forms (nor the reduced version published by Golf Monthly for their blog) along with the first 5 chapters of The Orbury Way allowing readers to read almost a third of the book before they have to buy it.

Click on the image below to go to the book page and download a copy FREE!!


The Orbury Way Published

My novel, The Orbury Way, based on the trials and tribulations of a fictitious historic golf club was published yesterday by Smashwords. It is available for download in all major digital formats including kindle, iBooks, pdf and many others at:

The price is $5.99 (it will taken out of your bank in £ at the latest conversion rate - approx £3.80)

It will also be available for purchase from Amazon (for kindle edition), Apple (iBooks) and other major online retailers in approx 7-10 days. I will post further news when it is launched in these stores.

Click on the front cover to go to its sales page on Smashwords:


Book Finished!

Back on the 8th January 2011 I posted news that I had started work on a book -The Orbury Way. Well just over 2 years later, at last, I can announce that it is finished.

Currently on the look out for a literary agent who is interested in representing me for publication so if anyone has any good contacts then please let me know. Click here for the first chapter as a taster.......


Fancy a cuppa?

No sooner is the book finished but I was dying to get on to doing some art. Inspired by the current retrospective of Roy Lichtenstein I wanted to start dabbling in the comic style using bold black outlines and block colours. Quite pleased with the first result, more to follow.....



The Hacker returns soon....

The new golfing season is just around the corner and so is the return of The Hacker who will be back on 1st March 2011 with those pesky BANDITS in his sights....


New Project Underway - The Orbury Way

New artistic output into my site is likely to be few and far between over the next months/year as I have decided to bite the bullet and use any spare time I get into writing a new novel. This story has been screaming to get out for a long while and it seems cannot wait any longer. Having said that, my last novel took nearly 3 years and I had more time on my hands then so not sure how long it will take this time.

Depending on how things go I may put little snippets on to the site as I go along, however given that my last novel tended to get a life of its own as it went along, the beginnings often need alot of editing and changing once you have finished.

What I do know is that it will be based on one of my favourtie past-times, golf and will tell the story of an ancient, traditional golf club, The Orbury, being shook to its core as it has to face changing and emerging into the modern world.

The working title is: The Orbury Way. My first task has been to design the golf course and the design is shown below. Next will be the layout of the club house, sketch out the main charaters and then start putting pen to paper. Watch this space for news, but don't hold your breath as it may be sometime.......




I have finally completed my latest piece of art. This is a vexel portrait of the club captain at Surrey Downs Golf Club, Neil "Boycie" Colwill.

It is based on a photograph I took of him in the bar after a round of golf and he had just played over his handicap and gone up point one.

The painting was started in August 2010 and completed in October 2010. The original has been painted in A1 size.

As the painting is so big the quality deteriotes a fair bit to fit on the web, however the download PDF is a bit better.....



Latest Hacker Column On-line

This months Hacker column can be found on The Hacker page.



Hot off my digital easel is my latest piece of digital art. Once again it is a vexel work done in Photoshop and this one hopefully you realise is off Sir Alan Sugar.

There is a bit more info with the picture in the Art section.

Hope you like it....


The Hacker Joins Golf Monthly

I am pleased to say that Golf Monthly has decided to publish The Hacker as a blog on their website. Each column will be edited down by myself to around 400 words and then it will be posted to the Golf Monthly 'OPINION' section.

To read the first blog, please click on the link below:



I've now finished the re-recording of the LUST track by one of my former bands Nevertheless.

It has given me a chance to have more practice with the Logic software ahead of trying to tackle the classical music challenge I have set myself.

I have put more information on LUST on my music blog so I won't repeat myself here.

Please click on the button below to go to my myspace music page and listen to the track.


New Music On-Line!

Anyone who has known me since my teens or is familair with this site will know that I have always been interested in playing music. As you will see from the music page the short biog gives the bands i was in and a little further information.

Originally this site was all about getting all my old art together including trying to get copies of the music by my bands on line as well. Due to poor quality recordings I'm still working on that one, however once I got involved with music I got the bug again and with the use of Logic Studio set about writing some new material.

This is the first new music track I have written in full for probably 20 years! In order to allow people to listen to it I have opened up a music page on myspace so please click on the button below and have a listen to World Still Turning. I hope you like it and I will hopefully start adding more new material as time goes by.

To keep a record of what I am doing I will also keep a short music blog on myspace as well.

Hope you bother to listen to the track and hope you like it!.


Space Boy Launches In

Much of my time over the last few weeks has been to try and concentrate on getting all my writing and painting into digital format for posting onto this site. My novel Cow Green is getting close to be ready to be posted and almost all of the sketches & paintings are now uploaded.

So at last I have a little time to start dabbling in some new 'art'. Having just purchased a new Mac laptop and updated to CS4 I want to get to know Photoshop a little better and so have turned to the numerous tutorials out there.

The first of these was about understanding blending layers and how they interact with each other to produce stunning effects of light and harmonies. The result is Space Boy....

Starting with one of my favourite pictures of Jake and his ever present trusty companion Ooh-Ooh the monkey, the tutorial took me through adding stock images and painting on layers and then blending them together with various effects to produce glowing, swirling light effects. I have to say Photo-Manipulation hadn't previously interested me too much, but having had a go I'm really pleased with the result. As a result a new sub-section was added to the Art section of this site and I'm sure there will be some more Photo Manipulation in the future.


As ever your email comments are always welcome.


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