Armchair Theatre

Armchair Theatre Plays are designed to be performed by you, your friends and your family. With no need for any acting movements, your part(s) can be spoken from the comfort of your armchair, the dinner table or around the fire!

If you are looking for something really different to add to a family get together or a lazy night in with friends then give one of these a go, they are hilarious! All you need to do is click on the button below to go to the catalogue page, pick from one of the two plays on offer and then click to download and get going.

Currently you can choose from two fantastic plays as listed below - please click on the button below to go to relevant catalogue page for more information:

Get your best pirate accents ready and live out the greatest pirate adventure  ever written, in your home home. 

Another classic, choose this play to let the timeless characters of Scrooge, Bob Cratchit and all the Christmas Spirits come alive around your fireplace.

Please do let me know how your play goes, enough interest might just spur me on to adapt another (I had always planned Peter Pan to be the third outing...)