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Cow Green

Cow Green is my first completed novel. Written between 1990-1992 it centres on the lives of inhabitants of March Meadows. A mix of dark family secrets, forgotten love and unexploded bombs. I hope you'll enjoy this relaxing easy read. It was planned as the first of a series of volumes with The Red Lion and A Garland of Snow being the next 2 books. Who knows, enough feed back and the next one may get resurrected....

Opening Lines:
The sky was a perfect shade of summer blue, totally clear and cloudless for as far as the eye could see.  Unbroken, the wash of azure stretched from the tip of the golden cross that stood atop the tower of St Michael’s to the uppermost branches of the great oaks that ran along the ridge to the far west of town.

The full novel will be available for download in PDF in the next couple of weeks.


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