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The Orbury Way


The future of the historic Orbury Golf Club hangs in the balance. Following the death of the old Earl, the Club Secretary struggles to keep it afloat as the modern world threatens to overwhelm it. Can the heir to the estate win the par 32 one hole challenge? Who is the rightful heir? Who is the father of the baby? Who stole the painting and just what is in that 70 year old letter...?
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Cocooned from the outside world for over 150 years, the historic Orbury Golf Club is shaken to its core upon the death of the old Earl Orbury, as his heir, Viscount Waffham, threatens to sweep away its ancient traditions and throw open the doors to the outside world, and to women!
The club is further rocked as its great name is splashed across the front pages of the press when two of its members are pictured brawling in the street over a pregnant girl.
It falls upon the broad shoulders of Jim Chives, Club Secretary, to try and steer The Orbury through the storm and protect it from the onslaught of modernity and change whilst overseeing the ritual handover to the new Earl.
This begins with a mammoth par 32 one hole golf challenge that pits Viscount Waffham up against his dead ancestors as he tees off from the 16th tee at the northern tip of the lake and heads for the 3rd green in the southwest corner of the estate. But as the incoming Earl is toasted at the banquet of The Orbury Flock tension between the members and the Viscount reaches breaking point and events begin to cascade out of control. Even the Viscount himself is not immune to threat as three 70-year-old letters threaten to snatch the Earldom and the estate from his grasp, just as a priceless masterpiece goes missing from the Hall.
Who is the rightful heir? Who stole the painting? Who is the father of the baby and just what lies lurking in that third letter...?


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